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Bear Hunting - Canada Goose Hunting - Duck Hunting - Swan Hunting in North Carolina with Wild Wing Adventures


At Wild Wing Adventures, your hunting experience is our first priority.  Whether you are looking to hunt the huge black bears of Eastern North Carolina or the variety of waterfowl species available in North Carolina we have the property and the experienced guides to make your hunt a success.  We take great pride in providing our hunters with the best opportunity to harvest their target specie.  In fact, some of our hunts are guaranteed. 

Wild Wing Adventures proudly announces a 48% harvest rate on our bear hunts and better than 80% of our hunters get an opportunity to harvest a bear.  We offer two types of hunts.  First, our premium spot and stalk bear hunt offers a guaranteed opportunity at a bear over 300 pounds and we are 100% on these hunts since beginning these hunts in 2007.  Second, we offer still hunts from well constructed elevated blinds keeping you dry and comfortable so that you can put in the time that is sometimes necessary to harvest a trophy bear.  Our bear hunts take place in the bear dense Tyrrell and Hyde Counties.  All bear hunts are free chase without the use of hounds.  We welcome hunters using all weapons from handguns to archery equipment.  We limit the number of bear hunters per hunt to increase each hunter’s opportunity to harvest a bear.  Typically, we have at least two times the number of stands as we do hunters.  This allows us to move a hunter from one area to another in the event that wind directions are bad or a hunter is in an inactive area.

Wild Wing Adventures has some of the best waterfowl guides in the state.  With multiple guides we have access to thousands of acres of private land from the RDU area stretching to the coastal plains of Eastern North Carolina.  This access insures we have numerous areas to hunt birds and when they leave one area we will hopefully have them in another.  Additionally, hunting private land eliminates the competition for the best spots as well as the headaches and potential safety risks associated with those hunters who don’t respect your space on public waters.


Please take the time to check out the additional information about our hunts on the tabs below.  We look forward to hearing from you to book your Wild Wing Adventure.